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Hello and welcome to "eLearn Accounts"Hello and welcome to "eLearn Accounts".
This website is designed to help people without an accounting background, mostly geared to business owners, managers, and individuals who have not had any formal bookkeeping training or on the job experience and need or want to learn the basics of bookkeeping. In other words, this website is for beginners (newbies) or those needing a quick refresher and is only an introduction into the world of accounting.

By investing thousands of hours, we have created concise accounting information for both business people and students of all ages. This course is an introduction into the field of bookkeeping for people working in an accounting department with little formal training on the subject or for people aspiring to start a career in bookkeeping and accounting.

The purpose of bookkeeping and accounting is to provide information concerning the financial affairs of a business. Thus an understanding of the principles of bookkeeping and accounting is essential for anyone who is interested in a career in business. Throughout the entire website you will be made familiar with important bookkeeping and accounting terms and will learn the principles of the double entry system, journalizing and posting, controlling cash, financial statements and payroll recording. Each accounting topic includes a clear explanation, reinforcing quizzes, Q&A, dictionary of terms, etc. Please feel free to have a look around and thank you for visiting this site!

Note: This information is provided only on the basis of being an aid to understanding of accounting basics. This means that you should always seek professional advice for your specific circumstances.

The authors of this website accept no responsibility to anyone using it for its accuracy or validity or any consequences flowing from them.

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