Word Scramble for... Stockholders' Equity

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Word Clue
 1. The proceeds from issuing common or preferred stock is reported as paid-in or contributed ____________. TIPLACA CAPITAL
 2. A major section of stockholders' equity is ___________ earnings. NARDEITE RETAINED
 3. If a corporation has only one type of stock it will be __________ stock. MOOCNM COMMON
 4. A corporation's income statement will not report a gain or loss from transactions involving its own ___________. KSOCT STOCK
 5. The cumulative amount of other ______________ income is reported as a separate amount within stockholders' equity. IVEHSNOREMCPE COMPREHENSIVE
 6. A corporation's own stock that it has repurchased, but has not retired is _____________ stock. RATYSERU TREASURY
 7. At the time that a corporation's board of directors declares a cash dividend, a current ____________ is created. IYBLATIIL LIABILITY
 8. When a small stock (not cash) dividend is declared, the _________ value of the new shares is transferred from retained earnings to paid-in capital. KRMTEA MARKET
 9. A 100% stock dividend will provide stockholders with the same number of shares as a 2-for-1 stock _________. IPTSL SPLIT
10. A cash dividend is based on the number of __________________ shares of stock. GDTOANTINSU OUTSTANDING
11. Stockholders' equity is the total ________ value of a corporation. KOBO BOOK
12. Stockholders' equity reports the owners' residual interest in the corporation's _________. STSASE ASSETS
13. A major advantage of the corporation as a form of business is the stockholders' _________ liability. MELTIDI LIMITED
14. The cumulative amount of the corporation's earnings minus the cumulative amount of dividends declared is a general description of __________ earnings. DRIEATEN RETAINED
15. A distribution of a part of a corporation's earnings to its stockholders. INVIEDDD DIVIDEND
16. A corporation might ___________ its retained earnings because of a future cash need. CRITSTER RESTRICT
17. A stock ________ will not cause a change in the balances of the stockholders' equity accounts. TPSIL SPLIT
18. A corporation that has omitted the dividends on its cumulative preferred stock needs to disclose that it has dividends in __________. SRARERA ARREARS
19. The difference in the number of issued shares of common stock and the number of outstanding shares of common stock is related to the number of shares of ___________ stock. REYASTRU TREASURY
20. Preferred stock will have preferential treatment over common stock in liquidation and _____________. IDISNEVDD DIVIDENDS

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