Crossword Puzzles... for Accounting Basics

Reinforce your accounting and bookkeeping knowledge with these free crossword puzzles with answers. If you have any difficulty answering the questions, learn more about this topic by reading our mini-lectures covering introductory to accounting basics.

Sample Accounting Basics Questions

1)  The title of the asset account that reports the unexpired cost of insurance premiums that have already been paid is _____________ Insurance.

2)  The owner's equity section of a corporation's balance sheet is known as shareholders equity or _______________________ equity.

3)  The title of the liability account that reports amounts that were received by the company before they were earned is ________________ Revenues.

4)  The financial statement that reports the financial position of a company as of an instant or point in time is the ________________ sheet.

5)  The balance sheet reports amounts that apply at a particular ____________ in time.

6)  An entry to the left-side of an account.

7)  This component of Property, Plant & Equipment is not depreciated.

8)  The accounting guideline that prevents assets from being reported at amounts greater than their cost is the __________ principle.

9)  Sometimes inventory is reported at an amount that is __________ than cost.

10)  The basis or method of accounting that is less effective than the accrual basis in measuring profitability.

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