Crossword Puzzles for... Nonprofit Accounting

Unlike for-profit businesses, not-for-profit or nonprofit organizations do not have owners. Nonprofits have as their primary mission to fill a need in society rather than to earn profits for owners.

Reinforce your accounting and bookkeeping knowledge with these free bookkeeping & accounting crossword puzzles with answers.

Sample Nonprofit Accounting Questions

1)  Accounting years not ending on December 31 are known as _________ years.

2)  Net asset classifications are based on ___________-imposed restrictions.

3)  Gifts other than cash are referred to as gifts in _________.

4)  When a temporary restriction has been satisfied, this classification of net assets will increase.

5)  The statement of _______________ expenses reports amounts 1) by nature, and 2) by program or supporting services.

6)  The first amount on a nonprofit's statement of cash flows prepared under the indirect method is the "Change in net ___________.

7)  A nonprofit organization will issue the statement of activities instead of the ____________ statement issued by a business.

8)  Form 990 pertains to many organizations which are _________ from income tax.

9)  Gifts other than cash are to be recorded at their _________ value on the date of the gift.

10)  Reporting expenses according to their type (such as salaries, rent, supplies, depreciation, etc.) is known as the ________________ basis.

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