Crossword Puzzles for ... Bank Reconciliation

The bank reconciliation compares the amounts that are on the bank statement with the amounts in the company's general ledger Cash account. The goal is to be certain that the correct amount is reported as the balance of the Cash account.

Reinforce your accounting and bookkeeping knowledge with these free crossword puzzles with answers. If you have any difficulty answering the questions, learn more about this topic by reading our mini-lectures covering introductory to Bank Reconciliation.

Sample Bank Reconciliation Questions

1)  Cash that has been received by a company but is not yet deposited in the bank account is said to be a deposit in ______________.

2)  The balance per books before adjustment will come from the general _____________.

3)  Checks that have been written but have not cleared the bank account on which they are written are known as _______________________ checks.

4)  Outstanding checks are adjustments to the balance per ___________.

5)  If a check is written for $89 and clears the bank for $89, but it is recorded in the company's records as $98, the $9 difference is ________ to the balance per books when reconciling the bank statement.

6)  Adjusting the balance per the bank and adjusting the balance per the books so that the adjusted balance of each is the same amount is known as a bank _______________________.

7)  Journal ____________ need to be written in order to record the items shown as adjustments per the books on the bank reconciliation.

8)  A check drawn on a bank account where the balance was insufficient to cover the amount of the check. (acronym)

9)  If a company receives a postdated check from one of its customers as payment on an accounts receivable, the check cannot be considered as the asset ___________ until the date of the check.

10)  The name appearing on a check after the words "Pay to the order of" is known as the __________.

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